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A is for Applesauce

A is for Applesauce
Written by Julie Affleck
Illustrated by Alexander MacAdam
   Copyright 2013
   ISBN - 13:  978-1493788170
   ISBN - 10:  14937881175
   8.5" x 11"    54 pages    Fully illustrated.

   Publisher:  +MVM+
                     MacAdam Visual Media
                     8837 West St. Peters
                     R. R. # 2  Morell  PEI  Canada
                     C0A 1S0
 Available through:  Amazon.com
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What's Inside
Today is A Words Day!
Zita's favourite book in the whole world?
On this amazing day Arthur and Zita 
await the arrival of awesome Aunt Alice, arriving from Alberta.

A is for Applesauce is an appealing family adventure, 
with applesauce, ants, attempted arrest, angel food cake, 
awards, arguing, and antics ongoing.

A is for Applesauce is the first in 
Arthur's and Zita's exuberant Alphabet Book Series.

And the Awesome A Words glossary at the end of the story 
will soon make clear the meanings of all A Words!

A read again, read to, read aloud, read alone book, 
enjoyable for all, and especially for ages 7-12.

is available as an accompanying activity book
to A is for Applesauce.

                                                    Pages 18-19

                                                    Pages 34-35

                  Page 1 of 4 pages 
       Zita's Awesome A Words glossary.
         An average of 30 words per page 
             arranged in colour groups 
               and alphabetical order.


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"A is for Applesauce is the story of nine year old Zita's love for the dictionary and for A words, in this case and for her sometimes pesky seven-year old brother Arthur.  A classic children's theme cleverly written by Julie Affleck for youngsters in this millennium, and one so delightfully and energetically illustrated in watercolour and ink by the young and talented illustrator Alexander MacAdam.
The cover illustration captures our interest and invites us in to a story, which includes a visit from the children's Aunt Alice, from Alberta of course, and a trip to the zoo with her.  The author and illustrator  introduce or reinforce the use of A words throughout, all of this in context that children will easily understand.  Few adults appear in the story, and they are not the folks using the A words.  Zita is - after all, she is the one whose favourite book is the dictionary. 
The size of the book (8.5" x 11") allows for using a whole page for illustrations and some text, or for several smaller illustrations.  The changes add to the interest.  All A words appear in colour on the page and when there is occasion for emphasis, some other words are in colour also.  When the A colour words are gathered together, there is a dab of that colour behind each word.  Aubergine - now that's a new one for me!  In addition, each page has a capital and lower case A in the lower corners and that font is changed up and adds interest.  There is much going on and much to learn in this vibrant story that ends with a terrific illustrated glossary at the back of the book.
A is for Applesauce is recommended with *****+ and without reservation.  The paperback book is very sturdily bound, and it was made in the United States.
A is for Applesauce is recommended for grades 3-5.  With guidance, the book could be used with a preschooler and with a willing child past the grade 5 level."

Christine Trufant  
Waylend, Massachusetts
Elementary school teacher and 
School Library Media Specialist for 31 years