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A is for Applesauce Word Play

                 Accompaniment to 
            A is for Applesauce

               A is for Applesauce 
                  Word Play
     Compiled by Julie Affleck and Louise Pierlot MacAdam
     Illustrated by Alexander MacAdam
     Copyright 2013
     ISBN - 13:   978-1482739718
     ISBN - 10:  1482739712
     8.5" x 11"    34 pages    Full colour.

             Publisher:   +MVM+
                                MacAdam Visual Media
                                8837 West St. Peters
                                R. R. # 2  Morell  PEI  Canada
                                C0A 1S0

    Available through:  Amazon.com
                                 MacAdam Visual Media
                                 Createspace.com Store search
                                           $14.00 CAN

What's Inside:
A is for Applesauce Word Play 
is an accompanying activity book to 
A is for Applesauce 
using Zita's 
Awesome A Words Glossary
to build creativity & imagination, 
vocabulary & word recognition, 
reading for meaning through 
Word Games, Crosswords, Scrambles, Dictionary Search,
Drawing, Script and Cursive Writing and more…
directed to ages 7-12 at home, 
and grades 3-5 in the classroom.

A is for Applesauce Word Play 
promotes handwriting/printing 
and encourages drawing 
for creativity and fine motor control 
to develop handwriting skills.

The Awesome A Words glossary is included 
to help match A Words with their meanings.
                                                            Pages 6 - 7
          Match A Words to their meanings.           Fill in the blanks: based on A is for Applesauce text.                                                    

                                                            Pages 20 - 21   
                     Cursive Writing                                                       Drawing

                                                           Pages 24 - 25  
      Arrange A Words in alphabetical order.          Latin Facts - Match A Words to their Latin roots.

                         Page 30        
Awesome A Words Glossary    
Pages 30-33.
Four pages of over 
100 A Words
arranged in colour groups 
and alphabetical order, 
designed to help in the use of 
the dictionary and word search.