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B is for Bubblegum

B is for Bubblegum
Written By Julie Affleck
Illustrated by Alexander MacAdam
   Copyright 2014
   ISBN - 13:  978-1499229622
   ISBN - 10:  1499229623
   8.5" x 11"    54 pages    Fully illustrated.

   Publisher:  +MVM+
                     MacAdam Visual Media
                     8837 West St. Peters
                     R. R. # 2  Morell  PEI  Canada
                     C0A 1S0
 Available through: Amazon.com
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                             MacAdam Visual Media
                        $18.00 CAN     

What's Inside
Today is B Words Day!
Zita's favourite book in the whole world?

Such a beautiful letter.  So BUBBLY!
And Zita has a ballet recital tonight...

B is for Bubblegum is more family adventure, 
with barging, banishment, beads, belching, bubblegum, 
a beautiful bun, a blazing blitz, bonbons and begonias, 
and a blissful end to Arthur's and Zita's day!

B is for Bubblegum is the second in 
Arthur's and Zita's exuberant Alphabet Book Series.

And the B Words Blitz glossary at the end of the story 
will soon bring to light the meanings of all B Words!

A read again, read to, read aloud, read alone book, 
enjoyable for all, and especially for ages 7-12.

is available as an accompanying activity book 
to B is for Bubblegum.

Pages 4 - 5

Pages 24 - 25

Pages 48 - 49                                                                                           B Words Blitz Glossary